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There’s almost as many credit cards as there are people in the UK, with around half the population having at least one card. That’s a whole lot of plastic – and a quite a bit of credit too.

Despite the credit crunch in recent years, our reliance on credit cards shows no signs of slowing up and we’re constantly being bombarded with all kinds of offers for the best credit card deals.

Providers really know how to target their products to a wide range of potential customers, from those trying to improve or build up their credit rating to those needing a bit of extra help to spread the cost of things.

There are also the savvy cardholders who are constantly on the lookout for the latest credit card offers such as 0% interest.

Just like there are different types of customers, there are also different types of cards. We’ve put together a little guide to help you compare credit cards and find the one that’s best for you.

Compare Credit Cards Online

Comparing credit cards online is the quickest and easiest way to find the best deal. There are many different sites available, but you’ll discover that some may suit you better than others. Most are easy to get around and will give you the chance to compare a wide range of credit card deals, allowing you to select the features which will best meet your needs.

At, we’ll bring you a wide range of credit card options, from the top cash back offers to the best deals on balance transfers and purchases.

However, don’t start comparing credit cards before you have a clear idea of what you want from one.
It’s probably best to decide on the key features you are looking for from a card. This will give you the best chance of finding one that’s best for you.

A person who is on the lookout for a card to improve their credit rating will have different needs to someone who already has credit card and is looking to transfer a balance or take advantage of a lower rate of interest.
But whatever your needs, the key areas to watch out for in credit card comparison are the balance transfer rate, purchase rate and the typical APR (variable).

Weighing up the rewards

After weighing up cards based on these three main criteria, you can start to look at what other benefits are on offer from credit card providers.

Having a good credit rating can open up a range of extra features for you, such as cash back, loyalty points, Airmiles and donations to a charity of your choice.

Once you’ve looked at the various benefits each company offers, you can compare them based on how long the offers last and how many points or how much cash back you’ll receive. Some lenders may even provide you with free travel insurance if you use your credit card to book a holiday.

The good and the bad

If your credit rating is poor, you will need to do some very careful research to find a card that is suitable for you.

Many companies do provide credit cards for bad credit, but they often will have higher rates interest attached to them and special offers are few and far between.

When comparing credit cards with a bad credit rating, your primary concern should be to find the one with the lowest interest rate.

But be careful when applying for cards. People with poor ratings and CCJ or IVAs are far more likely to get turned down if they apply for a card which has highly competitive offers and extra benefits attached to it. Rejection will only add to your poor credit rating.

Taking it to the limit

If you use your credit card frequently, but are on the look out for a better deal, you’ll also have to work out what limit is best for your needs.

For example, if you regularly spend about £3000 a month on your credit card, there’s no point opting for one that has a credit limit of £1500.

With most things, it’s always wise to read the small print and look at what’s behind the seemingly attractive offers. In many cases, you could find that one aspect of the credit card saves you money, but that that is offset by a higher cost somewhere else.

For example, if you really feel strongly about having a charity credit card as a way of directing some money towards a worthy cause, make sure you’re not sacrificing the low interest rate offered by the another card. You could find that you’re paying a higher rate just for a charity to benefit. The best approach in this case would be to find a card with a lower rate and give the money directly to the charity yourself.

For a quick, easy and useful way to compare credit cards, go online to seek out the best deal. Credit card comparison websites make it easier for you to find the card that suits your own personal needs.

So if you need the best advice on finding a credit card, no matter what your circumstances, go to or speak to our credit card experts on [creditcardnum].

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