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THERE are a few things you just need to have running smoothly in your life. You’ll get regular check-ups for your health or service your car every year. So when it comes to your financial well being, your current account needs to be in a pretty healthy condition too.

With funds flowing in, in the form of your salary, and direct debits and standing orders transporting them out again to pay bills, a current account is a hive of activity.

Current accounts now offer pretty competitive rates of interest, compared with a few years ago. Many current accounts offer better rates than savings accounts, but some will have a cap on how much you can make.

There’s a good chance you’ll have to pay a monthly charge for a high-interest current account, or at least be required to deposit a minimum each month.

You can quickly compare current accounts in our useful table above, which provides you with information on interest rates, monthly charges and overdraft fees.

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